Pick n Mix in the UK and Sweden: some comparative insights

They answered some questions about how they relate to Pick n Mix candy. This check was executed in the UK and in Sweden and highlighted certain interesting aspects about these markets.

Pick n Mix candy availability in almost every Swedish store

From the chart below it can be seen that Pick n Mix candy was present in Swedish supermarkets almost as a rule (99%), while it was only present in 35% of the UK stores visited by Roamlers.
The reason for the overall availability in the Pick n Mix candy in the Swedish supermarkets is that it is a cultural fixture of Swedish society and is enjoyed by most Swedes on a variety of occasions, ranging from Christmas and birthday parties to movie nights (at home or at the cinema), family gatherings and picnics.

Roamler Sweden conducted a task in which Swedish Roamlers were asked to answer some questions about the way in which they consume and relate to Pick n Mix candy.

26% of Swedish Roamler who participated indicated that they eat Pick n Mix candy a few times a week and 35% eat it a few times a month. A few eat it daily, some eat it once per month, others eat it on special occasions.

Only 5% of Swedish Roamlers never eat Pick n Mix candy. Some of these Roamlers also indicated that they eat it when they want to reward themselves for something, or that they enjoy eating it while they spend alone time, or when they are relaxing. These submissions indicate the significance of Pick n Mix candy in Swedish culture and society.

Sweets and the Swedes

It is speculated that the ‘Vipeholm experiments’ executed in the 1940s in Sweden laid the foundation for this. For these experiments people were fed different quantities of candy, such as toffee and caramel, in order to research the effect of carbohydrates on the formation of cavities. The results showed that eating a little amount of candy on a daily basis is far more of a health risk than eating a great amount just once a week. The Swedish government’s recommendations then...