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Download the app

Get the Roamler app and start making money your own way!

Download the app and register

Depending on your location, you might be asked to fill in an invite code. Enable location services to see the available tasks around you, and allow push notifications to find out when new tasks are published.

Access paid tasks

Browse through the “Paid” tab to access the list of the tasks you can perform at your level. The higher your level, the more tasks that will be available to you!

Read the instructions

When you select a task, you will access a list of all available locations where that specific task can be performed and a short description of what is required to complete it. After accepting a task, you will unlock detailed instructions and have 2 hours to complete it.

Localize your tasks

You can also browse tasks according to your location: simply open the map and browse the ones that are closer to you.

Submit your task

Once submitted, each task is checked by our team of reviewers, who will approve it or ask you to make corrections. As soon as each task is approved, the money will be immediately transferred to your balance. You can cash in whenever you want!


How much money can you make with Roamler?

That depends on multiple factors, such as:

  • how much time you can invest in performing tasks
  • what type of tasks you are willing to perform
  • how many tasks are available in your area
  • what experience level you have reached inside the app

In general, the higher the level you reach based on your experience points, the more and better-paid tasks you will unlock.

Another good way to increase your earnings is by performing the same task in multiple locations. Once you’ve done the first one correctly, completing the other ones will be a piece of cake!

Merchandising and sales tasks have higher rewards, but they also require specific skills and more time for execution. Interested in knowing more? Read here.

Roamler Pro

Using Roamler as an independent professional

Are you a registered independent professional? You can become a Roamler Pro and combine maximum flexibility with a fully automated payment and invoicing system designed to make your life easier!

Become a Roamler Pro

New to Roamler? Here’s how you can become a Pro:

  1. Download the Roamler app and complete your registration
  2. Log in to MyRoamler, navigate to VAT settings and enter your data
  3. Start performing paid tasks

The money is immediately available on your balance for you to cash in, and your earnings will be automatically invoiced to you. No paperwork from your side!

Already a Roamler? Log in to MyRoamler, navigate to VAT settings, enter your data and apply to become a Roamler Pro.