Winning the Convenience channel

This growth is fueled by busier lifestyles and changes in shopper behavior: as the number of people doing a weekly shop in supermarkets continues to decline, the opportunities this presents for convenience continue to rise.
No wonder convenience represents a top priority and that understanding this rapidly evolving landscape, where growth is happening, and how to maximize sales is now crucial for both big and small brands.
The rewards for those who get it right through innovative retail marketing are certainly big, but the real challenge is being able to scan the different retailers and their commercial agendas, route to market and buying motivations and influences, despite the fact field sales is unable to cover the whole channel.
This happens frequently and for different reasons, among which is the fact that, when traditional field sales are sent in, a return visit to (often small) convenience outlets may not be justified.

In the quest to find a solution that is both effective and financially justifiable, Roamler is now introducing crowd-sourced solutions to explore this massive and diversified landscape.
The on-demand, extended capabilities provided by specialized and widespread Crowds allow brands to easily access multiple stores at the same time and to sell products and new listings across the whole convenience channel.
Thanks to their “plug&play” nature and their proven cost-efficiency, Crowd-supported solutions seem to be the right way to “crack this nut” and get an advantage over the competition.
What if these activities could also be synced among multiple brands and companies could optimize their costs even more by leveraging a Crowd that is already in the right stores? This is Roamler’s challenge for 2019.