Healthcare solutions

Roamler brings healthcare organisations and healthcare professionals together to provide the best quality of care in the most efficient way.

With our healthcare solutions, Roamler is responding to the growing need for healthcare staff throughout the Netherlands. By organising work differently and using technology in an intelligent way, we create a more efficient means of providing care whilst ensuring top-quality work.

Healthcare platform

By using our Healthcare platform, organisations can easily arrange care services for their clients. Healthcare providers will have access to a community of trained and screened independent healthcare professionals who are ready to pick up tasks for homecare patients when and where it’s needed. These professionals are self-employed caregivers affiliated with Roamler, members of an organisation’s own network or volunteers.

On Roamler’s Healthcare platform, tasks from collaborating care institutions are offered to a closed pool of the institution’s own employees and / or an open pool of self-employed workers from the Roamler community.

Roamler’s Healthcare platform is a collaboration with Fundis and Blinkers.


At OMZI we approach mental healthcare in a more efficient way by giving the client more control. OMZI helps mental healthcare organisations to operate in a new way by moving from a supply-driven model to a demand-driven one. By using technology more intelligently, we make it possible for mental healthcare patients to expand their range of personal care needs.

A complete solution

We give clients more control over the care they receive, by offering more choice in appointment options. We strive to provide patients with both one-on-one and group contact, the latter of which we facilitate by tapping into the client's support network of professionals, volunteers and personal connections such as family or friends.

The care providers who work with OMZI are professionals from the RIBW-O teams and are not part of our Roamler community.

How it works

Roamler matches supply and demand through technology. Healthcare institutions can offer tasks to a community of registered healthcare professionals via the Roamler platform. The tasks may vary widely, from (mental) health assessments and domestic support to more specialised nursing jobs.

  1. Matching skills and location

    In the Roamler app, healthcare professionals can view jobs that match their skills, availability and location.

  2. Execution of the task

    After accepting a task in the Roamler app, the professional performs the task on location. The job listing in the Roamler app provides all necessary information for task execution.

  3. Rounding off the task

    The task is submitted and checked through the Roamler app. All administration is handled automatically.

Our community of healthcare professionals

We call the independent healthcare professionals who work with the Roamler app 'Roamlers'. Our Roamlers are spread across the Netherlands and have been extensively screened and checked for the correct certifications.

Through the app, Roamlers are offered tasks based on their profile and the additional requirements of the healthcare institutions working with Roamler. Roamler's care professionals are fully in control of their time, schedule and appointments.

Full control, maximum quality

Delivering quality services is our top priority. To guarantee quality, Roamler keeps track of all information and provides detailed reports via the Roamler app and platform. Our support team checks the quality of work, and work supervisors regularly join appointments to oversee the task execution. Reviews are collected from clients, district nurses, team leaders, work supervisors and our support team.

  • Certifications

    Our healthcare professionals have the right certifications, and so do we: Roamler is NEN 7510, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. Healthcare data is safe with us.

  • Transpareny

    The entire process is documented through the Roamler platform and is accessible at all times.

  • Control

    Our healthcare professionals are regularly tested for compliance with healthcare guidelines and requirements.

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