Struggling as a freelancer? New income opportunities are coming in retail.

Although a number of industries offering opportunities to independent workers grew during the recent pandemic, most self-employed professionals now find themselves in a drastically modified economic landscape.

With nearly 200 million jobs lost in the last several months, many companies have been forced to cancel freelance contracts in an attempt to cut overall costs. At the same time, industries that mainly rely on freelance work, like food service, entertainment and events, had to drastically hit the brakes, leaving millions of freelancers with insufficient work.  
On the other hand, there is increased demand for self-employed professionals in industries such as tech, retail, healthcare and education, areas in which businesses seek to replace or reinforce their full-time staff with an efficient workforce that can operate in different locations anytime.
The retail industry can offer new chances for growth to freelancers seeking new work opportunities.

Shifting to “essential” services

Increasing demand in some industries offers freelancers a good opportunity to develop different skillsets to reassess their value proposition and to shift to other markets by offering “essential” services rather than “luxury” ones. Independent workers can easily deploy their time and skills to perform relatively simple operational activities and serve the industries with the strongest need for a flexible workforce.

New income opportunities in retail

The retail industry can offer many opportunities in auditing, merchandising and even sales assignments in supermarkets and stores. After a short initial training and with the right support, freelancers can easily execute pre-fixed tasks, such as installing promotional materials in-store, reporting on the visibility and availability of products on the shelves, or even selling new products to smaller outlets.
With execution times ranging from a few minutes to an hour for each task and the chance to execute the same assignment at a large selection of locations, independent professionals can fill in their work schedule and develop new skillsets while enjoying a reliable source of income. 

Utilizing the right platforms

Platforms like Roamler — the European leader in task-based activities for retail since 2011 — allow freelancers to take advantage of technology to find the assignments that suit their needs, location and availability.
Through the Roamler mobile app, they can see, select and reserve tasks for a fixed rate. Each task contains detailed instructions and can be repeated in multiple locations, enabling freelancers to increase their income. The “plug & play” nature of the platform enables users to work when, where and how much they want, with no strings attached or commission fees.

Focusing on what really counts

Working on fixed assignments allows independent workers to focus exclusively on activities that directly generate income. Every task is purely operational; no initial assessment or estimate is required as Roamler has arranged both the sales and administration aspects of these tasks with the largest retailers and FMCG companies in Europe. This allows professionals to use their time only to make money in a safe and completely transparent way. Once each task has been revised by a pool of reviewers, the payment is immediately transferred to the user’s balance, and users can cash in anytime and receive an automated invoice for his/her administration.

Although freelancers have been hit hard by the pandemic, flexibility, knowledge, and technology are opening up new opportunities for them to develop new skills and sustain themselves by working when, where and how much they want.
To know more about the opportunities offered by Roamler to self-employed professionals, visit Roamler Pro .